• FiT: Family in Three

    KISD's FiT webpage is a video training resource for parents, but can be utilized by teachers or other staff/administrators in KISD.

    FiT informational videos represent meaningful content from our Families on Track meetings and are condensed into three minutes.
    Our FiT videos are three minutes long because we understand that, as busy parents of school-age children, we often can only scrounge up about three minutes here and there to do non-kid or job-related stuff.
    The goal of FiT is to provide just enough information for parents to digest, in an amount of time that's easy to swallow!

    FiT videos are created by KISD Families on Track facilitators.

    We hope parents, teachers and others find this to be a fun and valuable resource!

    -Micah Wrase, LSSP for Kerrville ISD

    FiT Logo

    Click the link below to access our FiT educational videos!