• Physics
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP Physics 2


    Physics is an onlevel class with moderate mathematics and a focus on physics concepts and STEM projects.  Student typically build balloon and mousetrap powered cars, catapults, hologram boxes for their phones, miniature spectroscopes and many other fun activities and projects.  Homework is minimal.  Students do need to have a solid background in algebra 1 and geometry.


    AP Physics 1 focuses on mechanics - kinematics, rotational motion and torque.  It also dips into wave motion, electrostatics and simple electric circuits.  This is a heavily mathematical class and students are expected to take the AP Physics 1 exam in May.  Homework tends to be 15-30 minutes per night, but I work very hard to keep it on the lower end.  Students must have a solid background in Algebra and should be concurrently enrolled in Algebra II, pre-calculus or calculus.  This class is fast paced and does not include STEM projects.  Many students are able to get college credit for either physics or an elective credit through the AP exam.


    AP Physics 2 covers fluids, thermodynamics, relativity, nuclear, simple harmonic motion, and RC circuits.  This class requires a successful and solid completion of AP physics 1.  Homework tends to be 15-30 minutes per night, but again, I work very hard to keep that to the lower end.  Labs are far more complex and use high end probes like Vernier.  Students should be in pre-calculus or calculus.