ELAR Syllabus 2019-20


    Syllabus (subject to change): 

    **Reading skills are cyclical and will be revisited after being introduced. 





    1st Six weeks 

    Summer Reading Follow-up 

    Routine/Procedural Expectations 

    Vocabulary/Dictionary Skills 

    Genres including Fiction,  

            Drama, & Poetry 

    • Compare Elements Across Genres 
    • Story Elements 

    Writing Process with  

            Grammar & Mechanics 

    4th Six weeks 

    Argumentative Text 


    Reading skills & writing skills  

           are spiraled from 1st sem 


    2nd Six weeks 

    Literary Elements such as  

    • Summary 
    • Mood 
    • Theme 
    • Author’s Purpose 

    Letter Writing/Journal 

    Written Responses  

    5th Six  weeks 


    Novel Study 

    Reading & writing skills are  

          spiraled from 1st sem 


    3rd Six  weeks 

    Reading Skills such as 

    • Inferences 
    • Key Ideas (main idea) 
    • Structural Elements 
    • Text Structure 
    • Graphic Features 
    • PoV/Literary devices 

    Informational Text 

    6th Six weeks 

    Reading writing skills are  

          spiraled from 1st sem 

    Reading STAAR Review 

    Research/ Independent