OnRamps Computer Science

OnRamps Computer Science 302: Thriving in Our Digital World

  • This is a dual enrollment course.  You will earn a high school grade/credit and you will earn a college grade (with the option to also earn college credit).  The information for this course will be in the UT Austin Canvas OnRamps course.


    Information from the UT Austin Course Syllabus:

    Course Format and Procedures

    This course is divided into five different modules, each covering a different foundational topic within the study of computer science. Each module will have a variety of readings and activities that you will complete both individually and with partners. There will be one major project in each module that will be based around a Project-Based Learning model. You will be expected to submit a project at the end of each module.

    In regards to the course projects, teamwork and collaboration are important within the framework of Project-Based Learning. Your high school instructor will be conferencing with you at least once a week to chart your progress, help to assess your work, and to give you suggestions and guidance for how to continue onwards towards a final product. Additionally, your high school instructor will be running a series of workshops that highlight important skills that you will need to master in order to be successful with your project.