• The only library fines given in the HPMS library are for LOST books. No late fees - just bring the book back for others to enjoy! 
    • Library fines follow students through the library catalog system from elementary school up to high school. Long term fines are entered into Skyward.
    • Abbreviations next to a lost book indicates what campus that book belongs to --> NES = Nimitz, DES = Tom Daniels, SES = Starkey, TES = Tally, BTW = BT Wilson
    • All student library account info (books checked out, fines, holds, etc.) can be accessed through students signing into the Follett catalog and clicking on "My Stuff." 


    Students who have lost books fines have 3 options:

    1. Find and bring books back to any campus. When books are scanned back into the campus library, fines are resolved. 
    2. Pay for fines through Skyward or in person to librarian. *Please contact Mrs. Butler if you pay online! 830-257-2204 ext. 3030
    3. Students can participate in "Fine Forgiveness" in the HPMS library by arranging a time to come in and help re-shelve or organize books. (1 min = -$1 off fine)


    Parent guide to paying Skyward fines: click here to open guide