• Hal Peterson was the first born son of Sid and Myrta (Goss) Peterson born on February 28, 1899. Carrying the nickname “Boss”, Hal was an outdoorsman and grew up to serve on the Texas Fish and Game Commission and imported the first Axis and other exotic game to the county. He was also known for raising Palomino Horses and Border Collies.

    Hal made his mark in the community in a number of ways. He was extensively involved with the group planning and construction of Louise Hays Park and was known to have bought a car he “stretched” to be the first bus in the Peterson Bus Company. The enterprise became the Kerrville Bus Company. He also had a cab stand at the bluff over the river and eventually had ten taxis.

    Hal and his brother Charlie formed the local charitable foundation, the Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation, with the initial contribution by Hal of $100. To this day, the foundation supports the mission to assist any charitable or educational undertaking in the area as well as across the state.

    Hal died in 1962. In 1967 the middle school constructed on Sidney Baker Street was given his name. However, the high school classes were held at this campus from 1967 until 2004. During that time the junior high classes were held at the 605 Tivy Street location. The new “Hal Peterson Middle School” was built in 1982 in what was the front yard of the old building on Tivy Street. In 2004, the middle school classes were moved back to their original building on Sidney Baker and retained the name Hal Peterson Middle School.