• Summer Transcript Request Process:

    To request a transcript, please email leticia.graham@kerrvilleisd.net with the following information: 

    1. Your name as it appears on your Tivy HS records
    2. Your date of birth
    3. The year you graduated 
    4. Where the transcript should be sent
    5. The email address or physical address where the transcript should be sent

    Please note, summer transcripts will take 3-5 days to be sent.  If it is being sent to a college, it may also take them several days to receive and process the transcript (especially if it is a mailed transcript vs. an emailed one).


    Other reminders on Test Scores & Dual Credit Transcripts: 

    Tivy High School does not send SAT/ACT test scores. SAT/ACT test scores can be requested from each institution, by the student, to be sent directly to their college/school of choice.  Send SAT scores from www.collegeboard.org and send ACT scores from www.act.org 


    For those students under 17, a parent/legal guardian's name is required on the transcript request form to acknowledge their permission of the request.  


    Transcripts for Dual Credits must come from the college giving the credit, NOT Tivy.  Students need to request those college transcripts from the college directly.  Below are the links & instructions for requesting transcripts from San Antonio College (Dual English, BIM, Accounting), the University of Texas (any OnRamps course), and Schreiner University (Anatomy & Physiology): 

    For English, you will request from San Antonio College: https://www.alamo.edu/experience-the-alamo-colleges/current-students/transcripts-and-records/#Requesting

    • Click requesting a transcript
    • You can request through ACES or without ACES (either is fine)
    • Follow the directions that are listed for the option you choose
    • You will need to put in the where to send it to; sometimes they ask for the mailing address even though they will send it electronically
    • Once you are charged and complete the payment, you’re finished. 


    For Schreiner, you will request here: https://schreiner.edu/academics/academic-resources/registrar/

    • Click transcript requests
    • Follow the directions to use Parchment to order your transcript
    • Schreiner will send an electronic copy to your institution; complete payment
    • They will not release this transcript until Tivy sends your Tivy HS final transcript to Schreiner.  We will do this once final transcripts are finalized.


    For UT, request here: https://onestop.utexas.edu/student-records/transcripts-other-records/official-transcripts/onramps/

    • Sign in with your UT EID
    • You will need to provide your school's mailing address
    • Request the transcript to go electronically from one educational institutional to another educational institution (not to you)
    • Complete payment