• History

    A.L. Starkey, Sr. was a native of Kerrville, Texas born August 25, 1872 to Judge J.M. and Martha (Rees) Starkey. He attended the Kerrville Public School in his early years and graduated from Tivy High School. He received his college education at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Upon returning home from college, he was elected County Surveyor in 1898 and filled that position for 48 years. He was considered to have a wider knowledge of the metes and bounds of land surveyed than any other man in the Hill Country. Farmland belonging to the family eventually became the neighborhood, Starkey Manor. Upon Starkey’s death May 10, 1946, his wife Pattie Ruth donated ten acres of land to the school district to build a school for children living in and near Starkey Manor. Starkey Elementary was completed in 1948. 


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